Coast Cancer Clinic Shuts Its Doors For A Few Days

After 25 years of treating cancer patients, Dr. Ed Davidson did something Thursday he thought he would never have to do. Tell patients he could not see them.

That's because, the Medical Oncology Group in Gulfport, where Dr. Davidson practices with two other doctors, has lost its malpractice insurance.

"It's terrible. It is frustrating, " said Davidson, "It causes anger because it runs up against everything we have been trained to do."

Dr. Davidson says he and his colleagues, were stunned a few weeks ago, when their insurance company told them, they would no longer write policies in Mississippi. They were even more surprised by the policies some other potential insurers offered.

"The quotes we are being offered by some of these other companies, that are saying they are trying to offer us insurance are actually more money than we would be able to make, we would actually be working for the insurance company," Davidson says.

Dr. Davidson says his heart goes out to his patients, who are not only facing the trauma of cancer, but now this. Freddie McQueen is one of those patients.

"I am angry inside, I am trembling , I am so angry to think that our state has got us in this position," McQueen told us.

She says her family is very concerned.

"It is very scary Jeff, I mean it is just my family is worried."

They are not the only ones worried, Dr. Davidson says many patients have called. Thursday, the chemotherapy room at Dr. Davidson's clinic, which is normally full of patients, was empty. Dr. Davidson says it's time everyone works together for a solution.

"Somewhere, along the line we have to quit pointing the finger, and say how to we solve this," Davidson added.