Manhunt Ends With Two Arrests

Throughout the night and Thursday morning, deputies surrounded the area near Pete Hickman Road. That's where deputies raided a mobile home where Cooper and Davis were allegedly running a meth lab. Cooper was caught after running right into the area where deputies were patrolling.

Harrison County deputies had a mile and a half area covered,  when the call came in that John Edward Cooper had been spotted. The chase was on. Cooper was unarmed and hid in the woods all night, deputies say and no match for a police dog who stayed on his trail 'till he surrendered. Lt. Tony Sauro says, "The dog never gave up the track. As we got closer and apprehension was quite evident, the guy raised his hand and gave up."

The other man who went on the run Wednesday night didn't give so easily. Deputies say Michael Wayne Davis came out of the mobile home on Pete Hickman Road shooting and running into the woods. Several hours later K-9's helped find Davis in a a ditch. Deputies say Davis started shooting again. This time deputies shot back hitting him twice. Deputy Sauro says Davis and Cooper might still be on the run if not for the dogs.

"Ya know we train with these dogs extensively but ultimately ya know it's the dog, if the dog's havin' a bad day it kinda gives the unit a bad name but in this case here both dogs were exceptional even in this heat and they did a good job."

People who live near the mobile home say they weren't sure what was going on. Pete Angermann says he was very concerned. "So that's why I wanted to stop and make sure it was safe to go in before they had a chance to check it, good place for someone hiding out and finding clothes and leaving."

Linda Pettis says it was scary hearing all the gunshots and watching officers chase Davis. "We heard gunfire, guns shooting and I looked out the window and I saw him pointing a gun at the officers and shooting and then he started runnin' back this way."

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics says meth labs are growing across rural areas. Just two years ago agents handled on five cases.  In 2001, the number grew to 51 and so far to date, there have been 40 meth cases investigated.  Officers say users ingest, inject and smoke the drug to give them a high that can last several days.  Sheriff George Payne says people become violent when they're under the influence of meth.

Cooper is charged with makng methamphetamine. Davis is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, possession of a controlled substance and making meth.  The Mississipip Highway Patrol is investigating since deputies were involved in the shooting. None of them were injured.