$250K To Help Biloxi Libraries

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX ) - Biloxi city leaders say one of their libraries is falling apart and they're hoping a library grant will get it back up to par. Tuesday, the city received a $200,000 library grant. And some say, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Deborah Lundy has been the branch manager at the West Biloxi Library for almost 20 years. She says while the outside may be pleasing to the eye, the inside is a nightmare.

"We have a lot of patrons that walk in first thing in the morning and they say they can smell the mold. We need a new roof, new carpet, new tables, anything that the city can help us with," Lundy said.

Lundy says every time there is a rainstorm, the ceiling leaks, leaving a mess throughout the library. Lundy says whenever library staff are aware of major storms, they cover many of the bookshelves in plastic.

It's a battle ward 4 Councilman Mike Fitzpatrick says has been going on too long.

"I've been in office for 12 years, and since I've been in office, it's had problems here at the West Biloxi Library," said Fitzpatrick.

He says with all the problems at the library, the city is lucky no one has been hurt.

"There's leaks in the roof and spills on the floor. Nobody's been maintaining this facility. Almost, in some respects, it looks like a pigsty," Fitzpatrick said.

Now with $50,000 in FEMA funds and another $200,000 from a library grant, he's hoping it won't be much longer before the West Biloxi Library gets some much needed improvements.