Two Men Captured After Overnight Manhunt

Authorities have captured both men suspected of shooting at Harrison County sheriff's deputies while fleeing an alleged crystal meth lab in Saucier Wednesday night.

The manhunt ended just before noon Thursday when police captured 24-year-old John Edward Cooper.

Sheriff George Payne says deputies found the first man, 32-year-old Michael Wayne Davis in a ditch around two Thursday morning. Payne says when Davis shot at deputies again, they shot back hitting Davis in the chest and hand.

Davis was taken to Garden Park and is reportedly in good condition. Payne says the deputy was not injured in the shootout.

It all began when deputies responded to complaints Wednesday night of an odd smell coming from a trailer. As deputies approached the trailer, Payne says the men began shooting as they ran out of the trailer. No one was hurt in that exchange.

Payne says investigators found evidence of a meth lab inside the trailer.

Davis is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, manufacturing methanphetamine and possession of a controlled substance. Cooper faces charges of manufacturing methanphetamine.