Giles Asks Federal Judge To Order Neshoba Fair To Let Him Debate

Simon Bailey, a 17-year-old from Columbia, Mo., said he travels to the fair every year to spend time with relatives. He shook his head Wednesday as he listened to Jim Giles, an independent congressional candidate, denounce the "sorry, Yankee Jew media.''

"I want to go to Washington and represent white, country rebels,'' Giles said.

In a place where some cabins still fly the Confederate flag, Giles was met with stony silence as he said he's tired of hearing about the Holocaust and about the three civil rights workers who were killed in Neshoba County in 1964.

"We've got way too much representation in Congress for Jews and blacks,'' Giles thundered.

Bailey shook his head later as he was asked about Giles' speech.

"I think he's kind of frightening,'' Bailey said. "I think he actually expects people here to support him more than they did.''

Giles asked a federal judge Wednesday to order the Neshoba County Fair to allow him to participate in a debate of 3rd District candidates.

U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate recessed the hearing until 10 a.m. Thursday to allow Giles to gather more evidence to support his request. The debate scheduled between Republican Rep. Chip Pickering and Democrat Rep. Ronnie Shows is for 2:10 p.m. Thursday at the Founders Square Pavilion at the fairgrounds.

Giles said the fair was excluding him in violation of his First Amendment rights. He also said the fair had received public funds and could not exclude third party candidates from the debate. Giles based that conclusion on radio advertisements for the fair that he claimed included the disclaimer that grants from the Mississippi Development Authority paid for the fair.

Philadelphia attorney Donald L. Kilgore, representing the fair, said if any money came from MDA, the state's economic development agency, it was to pay for the advertisements. He said the fair runs on fees paid by association members and from gate receipts at the fairgrounds. Kilgore said the fair receives no public funds.