Students Eager To Begin Classes At Tulane-Biloxi

Darcy Greene is the Finance and Technology Director at the Mental Health Association of Mississippi. She wants to boost her computer and business skills. So, when Tulane University announced plans to open a campus in Biloxi, Greene became the first on the Coast to register for classes.

Greene says "It was exciting to me. I've been wanting to go back to school to college for years, and just never had time".

Greene says she chose Tulane mainly because of the flexible schedule it offers. Greene says "They offer classes in the evening, they offer them on Saturdays, and they offer them at lunch time during the week. So, it's for people who work full time, so it's perfect for me".

As a full-time employee at Keesler Medical Center, and mother of two, Tabatha McCray also likes the convenient hours. As she picks out books for her Business Studies class, McCray tells us another reason why she picked Tulane over other schools.

McCray says "I've been planning to enroll for quite awhile, and when I saw the opportunity of Tulane, which is one of the finest schools in the South, I just couldn't say no".

As the university continues construction on the six classrooms and two computer labs, school leaders are still trying to get the word out about the Biloxi campus. Biloxi Campus Dean Lou Campomenosi says "I think there's a real difficulty in breaking into a new market like this. Even though we have a great reputation, the fact of the matter is, a lot of people don't know we're here".

Classes at Tulane University College in Biloxi start August 28th. But you can still register through September 10th. You can also register on-line.