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150 Seabees Back To Complete Military Families

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some South Mississippi military families were reunited Monday after months of separation. After a seven month deployment, 150 Seabees from the NMCB-74 advance team returned home. 

While they've been serving our country, their spouses have been holding down the fort at home.

Three-month-old Monay, three-week-old Julia, and six-month-old Madeline were all ready to meet their daddies Monday. The mothers say the new fathers are Seabees, who have yet to experience the joys of a newborn.

"He says, 'Why don't you just sleep when she sleeps?" But no that's cat nap time. We're just waiting for the dad to experience what it is to have a baby," Madeline's mother, Frances LaCour, said.

Dozens of families gathered in Gulfport to celebrate the return of 150 Seabees, many of whom are also husbands, fathers, wives and mothers. Ryan Deveau said his wife DeAnn's seven month deployment has taught him the difficulties of single parenting.

"She did it six months by herself with him while I was deployed. It was a lot harder than I thought it was, and it just shows what she did while I was gone," Deveau said.

Kisses and hugs awaited NMCB-74, a group back after months in places like Iraq, Kuwait, Guantanamo Bay, Peru and the horn of Africa. However, for these proud papas and mamas, nowhere is as exciting as home.

"Oh, it's just a great feeling right now to be back. See my beautiful little daughter Madeline. It's just great to be back. Oh, yeah. I've got a lot of catching up to do," Seabee Quentin LaCour said.

DeAnn Deveau is glad to be with her husband and young son, doing what she misses most.

"Spending time with my family. Family. Family. Family," Deveau said.

NMCB-74 took on several mission while on deployment. Seabees gave out sleeping bags in Ethiopia to people who lost their homes to fire, built a new medical clinic in Trinidad, and installed a new well in Peru so people there could have clean drinking water.

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