Lowes Project Beautifies Gautier City Hall

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - With so many other projects underway since Hurricane Katrina, the City of Gautier hasn't done much to improve its City Hall. That changed Saturday, with a little help from Lowes.

"City Hall needed to be beautified, because it's forgotten about a lot," said Brad McCullough, Lowes Human Resources Director in Gautier.

Gautier City Hall was the subject of this year's Lowes Heros Project, an annual event where Lowes dedicates an entire day to community improvement. This year, 50 store employees and volunteers relandscaped the entire City Hall grounds.

Ward 2 Councilman Hurley Ray Guillotte said he's grateful to Lowes for their gift to the city.

"One thing is making donations, and the other thing is donating sweat," said Guillotte. "And what they've done is they've donated sweat and materials."

The store paid 20 employees to help with the project, while another 30 volunteered. It focused some much needed attention on an area that often gets overlooked.

"City employees have spent a lot of time patching potholes on the streets, cutting grass, and trying to make it a better place for our citizens," Guillotte explained. "And in the meantime, our City Hall has taken second base."

Lowes employee Josh Ward came to work on Saturday especially for the project. This year is his second time working with Lowes Heros.

"The scope of it was pretty big, but after we got out here and got a lot of help, volunteers, it turned out to be quite easy," Ward said. "I enjoy being out here, enjoy helping the community."

Everyone involved believes the whole community will benefit from the landscaping.

"When our citizens come by City Hall, they will be very proud of what they've done," Guillotte said.

"We have so many people come to City Hall to have City Council meetings. And for them to come and actually see a beautiful landscaped area, and things like that, makes it special to us," McCullough said.

By the way, Gautier will soon see another big improvement at City Hall - a 300 square foot expansion.