Gulfport Domino's Pizza Breaks World Record

By Toni Miles - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Police were staked out along Highway 49, but the only scene they were working was the site of what promised to be a world record breaking event.

The Domino's Pizza on Highway 49 and 25th Avenue hoped to sell more than 5,382 pizzas in one day. That would break the current world record held by an Australian pizza parlor.

"The Australian flag, they currently have the record for the most number of pizzas sold in a day, over 5,000. And that record is three years old, and we want to break it. So we put the flag up here as a little motivation for the crew. Our crew has a little U.S. flag, of course. We're growing to raise that, hopefully, just after dinner time, the way things are looking," said owner Glenn Mueller.

The lines were long as people waited to buy pepperoni pizzas for just $2 each. Chicago native Rico Alford was one of the many people standing in line. He hoped his purchase would help the Gulfport store go down in history.

"I'm trying to buy about 50 pizzas, because I'm throwing a party tonight," Alford said.

The locals also did their part.

"Just riding. We saw a little special sign on the road saying pizzas are $2 apiece. We turned around. You can't beat that deal," said Jason Marogan.

The average wait time was about an hour.

"It's been hot. That's what I can tell you, standing out on the asphalt and the heat from the cars. But it's been worth it," said Tony Williams.

It looked like an assembly line as about 50 employees scurried to make pizzas. One of them was Bay High Graduate Donnie Rush. He hopes to break a world record of his own.

"The second record is we've got the most number of pizzas made and baked in one hour," Glenn Mueller said.

Donnie had to make more than 93 pizzas in an hour to break the current record.

Mueller said the downtown Gulfport store would sell $2 pizzas all day Saturday until they run out. They expect that to happen around 7:30pm. After that, vouchers will be given out for $2 pizzas that can be used at a later time.