Triton, ATM Manufacturer - Sold

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

LONG BEACH (WLOX) - ATM maker Triton announced Wednesday it has reached a deal to sell the company to a South Korean company.  Triton's parent company, the Dover Corporation, will be bought out by Nautilus Hyosung.

Details will not be finalized until September.  According to spokewoman, Alicia Blanda, there are no plans to make any changes or layoffs at Triton.

Trtion's Long Beach plant employs about 300 people.  The company makes many of the ATM machines found in stores, malls and service stations.  It's the largest manufacturer of off-site ATM's in North America.

Nautilus-Hyosung is a 7 billion dollar company and has been in the ATM business in Korea for nearly 30 years.  Triton CEO, Bill Johnson, had an opportunity to talk to workers and answers question at the Long Beach plant.

Since details of the deal have not been finalized, neither Johnson or his spokeswoman would speak on camera.

However, he did release this statement, "We are very excited about Triton's future with Nautilus Hyosung.  We believe the complimentary cultures of innovation and customer service will provide a strong platform for growth to compete effectively in the ATM marketplace."