Tire Dump Still A Problem

Courtesy: Harrison County Sheriff's Department, David Earl Brown
Courtesy: Harrison County Sheriff's Department, David Earl Brown

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Piles of old tires are clearly visible from Hartzell Road. Tires of all sizes bake in the hot, late morning summer sun.

Still, the mess marks a significant improvement from just a year ago, when thousands upon thousands of waste tires covered the property and prompted complaints.

"Initially, we did have complaint calls concerning the tires that were being deposited on that property," said Harrison County District 3 supervisor Marlin Ladner.

Harrison County and the DEQ ordered property owner Jack Collins to clean up the tire dump. Collins said he had agreed to let David Brown store some tires for recycling, but that storage soon mushroomed into a massive tire dump.

The county then took Collins and Brown to court.

David Brown began cleaning up the site and removing the tires late last year, but he never finished the job. At the time, he blamed equipment troubles.

Then, around the first of this year, an arrest warrant was issued for Brown on a contempt of court charge. And even though that warrant was issued some seven months ago, Brown wasn't arrested until last week.

David Earl Brown was taken into custody late Friday. He's scheduled to serve 45 days in jail on the contempt charge.

As for the remaining tires, the county will likely finish the clean-up and charge the property owner.

"Absolutely the county could do that. Of course, any costs that would be generated by the county in cleaning that up would be assessed against the property as far as his taxes are concerned," said Ladner, "It needs to be cleaned up."