Waveland Elementary Students will Take Sidewalk to School

"We are excited about it we've been fighting for it for a while now, 2 years and we've finally got progress," said Waveland resident Tanya Chatman.

Chatman was the driving force behind getting city leaders to install sidewalks. She was so concerned about kids having to walk along busy streets, she'd walk her children and the rest of the neighborhood kids to and from school every day.

When finished, officials say the sidewalk will run 1,400 feet up Old Spanish Trail and about 800 feet down St. Joseph Street. The project, with city labor, will cost around $16,000.

City leaders say sidewalks are just the beginning of making the entire area safer. New speed limit signs have recently gone up, and if the school district gives its okay, a new traffic control plan will be implemented.

"...Between the sidewalk, the new traffic plan, a combination of all of those things I think it will be a new day at Waveland Elementary School," said Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo.

City leaders say if the weather cooperates the project should be finished before school starts next month.