Jackson County Residents Take Over Cemetery

It's been a few weeks since Ralph Womble visited the grave site of his daughter. Visits to the cemetery are unfortunately, never just a quiet time of remembrance. Ralph always brings a few yard tools to take care of her grave, since the cemetery no longer has staff.

"They need somebody that will take care of it, you know. Sometimes it gets pretty bad," said Womble.

A quick look around the cemetery finds several neglected spots where headstones are collapsing and weeds have taken over memorials. That's why a group of plot owners is trying to come together and run the cemetery's day to day operations. To make that happen all plot owners are invited to a meeting Tuesday night to elect a board of directors and make some decisions about the future of the cemetery.

"We want to have the courtroom filled up tomorrow night that way we can kick this off properly," said Jackson County resident Aubry Howell.

The meeting for all plot owners will be Tuesday night at the Jackson County courthouse at 6:30 pm in the old courtroom.