Parents Get Head Start On Back-To-School Shopping

Cash registers at the Biloxi Walmart have been beeping and workers have been busier than normal. Employee Brooke Ruiz says, "It's been a real mess. Ever since we put out all our school supplies, they've been running in".

Parents are hitting the stores early to buy school supplies. Laura Hilton advises, "Shop early. Last year, we were stuck and we didn't get everything that our son needed to have for school. So shop early and find a sale".

Umbrellas, socks, and scissors are among the items on Angela Brazeal's mind. Her basket is filling up fast. She's shopping for three children. Brazeal says, "I'm trying to get my kids ready for school. In a couple of weeks, they'll be there, so I'm trying to get all the necessities".

Many parents come prepared. Chris Cannizzaro says, "You need the supplies list. The list is very helpful. The earlier you get in here, the better chance you have of getting what you need to get."

Some parents rely on their kids for help. Nine-year-old Michael Hilton likes to tag along when his parents shop for his school stuff. Michael says, "I'm buying things like folders, markers, crayons and all that kind of stuff".

Michael's dad, Jim Hilton, says, "He's always active in picking out his school supplies every year. He may say he doesn't get very picky with stuff, but he is".

But there are parents who prefer to leave the youngsters at home. Angela Brazeal laughs as she says, "You spend less money when you ain't got your kids. I know their sizes and what they need and they usually like what I buy".

It can get expensive, if you have a lot of children to shop for all at once. So right now, many parents are putting school supplies on lay away. Some store managers say the busiest time for back-to-school shopping is the day before school starts.

by Trang Pham-Bui