Rayanne Weiss

Name: Rayanne Weiss

Position at WLOX: Special Projects Director

Why did you sign up to be on the Media Challenge team?

I wanted to help the American Heart Association raise awareness about living a heart healthy life.  I have lost many loved ones to heart disease and have many other loved ones and friends living with heart disease and I know that changing your eating and activity lifestyle can help people live longer lives.  That said, I also needed some motivation to get myself back into the swing of being heart healthy.  he media challenge has helped get me back on track by watching not only what I eat calorie wise but sodium and cholesterol wise as well.

What do you think will be the hardest part for you?

Being more active-FOR SURE.  I'm not a big fan of exercise, but for a year or so had gotten into a regular routine.  Then after the first of this year, I fell off the exercise wagon.  So I'm hoping the challenge will get me back in gear and make exercise a natural part of my days again.

Check back to read more about Rayanne's Heart Walk journey.