D'Iberville Volunteers Hold Benefit For Flood Victims In Iowa

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Christimas decorations were among the things for sale at the benefit. It's not yet that time of the year, but the spirit of giving was alive and well at the D'Iberville fundraiser.

"I have found some nice bargains that I can use, and then it will go to a benefit for someone else. That's good," said Betty Currington.

Curington knows first hand how devastating a natural disaster can be. Katrina caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to her Ocean Springs home. Now that she and her family are back on their feet, she hopes she can play at least a small part in the recovery of people in Oakville, Iowa.

"I really appreciate everything everybody did for us, and yes, I'd like to help someone else that needs it, too," Currington said. "I like that saying, paying it forward. I just love it. Pass it on."

Money spent at the benefit will be used to purchase gift cards to Wal-Mart and Lowe's for the residents of Oakville to use.

"It's a town of about 193 homes. It's got about 500 people. Every one of those homes, all the churches, all the businesses were flooded in the floods. This is our way of kind of beginning to give back what was given to us," said Irene McIntosh, President of the  D'Iberville Volunteers Foundation President.

Benefit organizers say the decision to help Oakville was an easy one.

"There are two things. First it's a small town, and we're a small town. And we wanted to work in a town where we could make a difference. And another is lend a hand, it's a volunteer group from Pennsylvania, came here 28 times on buses to help us. And they're working with Oakville, and we want to support the volunteers who have helped us and who are now helping Oakville," McIntosh said.

The D'Iberville Volunteers Foundation collected a Wish List from city residents, including the town's needs. The Foundation is also collecting gift cards from Wal-Mart and Lowe's to distribute to Oakville residents. To find out more or make a donation, call (228) 326-5468.