NAACP Rally at Eight Flags Draws Hundreds

The crowd of about three hundred was smaller than what the NAACP expected, but those who did come raised their voices loud in song, chants and a determination to bring down the Confederate battle flag from the public beach display. The speakers came from NAACP branches across Mississippi and other states. Those who came to the rally say they'll take their message to the Harrison County Supervisors. They signed petitions saying the flag offends them and they want the supervisors to do what they say is right: take the flag down.

On the other side of the issue were the flag supporters, who were very peaceful as well. About fifty of them were on the boardwalk taking a pro-Confederate flag stance. No hate groups were there, and the individuals who support the flag say that's the way they want it, because they say hate groups are the ones who have tarnished a flag that represents a rich and meaningful part of Mississippi's past.