Hundreds of Police Line Beach for Rally

There was a strong police presence on the beach near the eight flags display. Officials estimate about 200 officers were on hand between Biloxi, Gulfport, and the Harrison County Sheriff's Department. That was visibly more than the number that have been at the beach over the last 18 days. Most of the officers were set up at the intersection of Highway 90 and Debuys Road and near the mall. That way, they could help people as they walked across the street. Police say their main goal was to make sure that everyone was safe.

"What we did was we came here early, to get the barricades set up to make sure everything was safe and set the areas where people can offload and cross the highway. Basically, the police presence here is just for a public safety concern, just to make sure that everything stays peaceful, " said Sargeant Jackie Rhodes, Biloxi Police.