Moss Point Sees A Boost In Sales Tax Dollars

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Big R's Owner Gaynell Martin says there is always a steady flow of cash and customers at her Moss Point restaurant. She says her tables stay crowded with people eating seafood and po-boys.

"It helps us, employees, and it helps the city of Moss Point with the tax sales base increase,"  Martin said.

Mayor Xavier Bishop is also excited about the increase. He said from 2007 to 2008, the sales tax revenue numbers rose by nearly ten percent.

"Which, in real numbers, that is translated to about $70,000. With this increase, we can bring in more employees, we can be able to pay our employees more here, and it is going to enable us to expand services," Bishop said.

Bishop credits the financial boost to a number of reasons, including unique tourist attractions, and more than 50 new businesses opening up in the city since Katrina.

"We sit on high ground. We have easy access from the interstate. We have two increasingly thriving business districts - Downtown Main Street and Highway 63."

Bishop said population growth is a another big reason for the sales tax jump in his city. He said, since Katrina, more and more people have been moving to Moss Point.

"More people living in the city means more people will be buying in the city. Despite the Census Bureau's belief that the population here has gone down, we believe that it has increased."

New business owner Philip Scordino agrees with Mayor Bishop. He believes the city will work even harder to improve the quality of life in order to attract a lot more foot traffic.

"We are seeing people, not only local people, but people outside of Moss Point coming in and discovering what we have to offer them."