Long Beach Man Swims Back From Ship Island

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Long Beach man who fell off his boat near Ship Island Monday night has been found.

The Coast Guard began their search for 28-year-old Colin Rayner Monday night around sunset after receiving a call that he had fallen overboard. But that overnight search turned up nothing.

Then Tuesday afternoon, Rayner mother received a call from her son, saying he was on the beach in Gulfport and needed a ride home.

"He has been missing since about six last night, and we thought the worst. We never stopped looking. And he floated up, walked on the beach and called us and said, 'Come bring a towel,'" Rayner's sister, Christin Randazzo said.

Medical personnel checked out Rayner at the beach. He appeared tired but in good condition. He went home in a private vehicle.

When he fell overboard, Rayner had the keys to the boat in his pocket. A female friend who was also on the boat was brought back to shore by the Coast Guard Monday night.