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Keeping MEMA Cottages In Biloxi

Biloxi (WLOX) -- Shirley Broussard is hoping, this time, Ward 2 Councilman Bill Stallworth will sway council members to make MEMA cottages permanent in her East Biloxi neighborhood. The councilman says his latest proposal addresses many of the issues raised in past council meetings.

"We addressed the issues they initially raised. One, the cottages are not being allowed to be permanent in those residential zones that have larger lots," says Councilman Stallworth.

Councilman Stallworth is proposing to keep the cottages in parts of East Biloxi zoned RS-5 where lots are generally 5,000 square feet or smaller. The modular homes could also be anchored in areas where mobile homes are already allowed. Broussard is among some 90 homeowners Stallworth says need affordable permanent homes by way of MEMA cottages.

"It's not just me. This elderly couple up the street doesn't have anywhere else to go. They don't have a lot of money to build a hundred thousand dollar house," says Broussard.

Stallworth's latest proposal also addresses another issue raised by fellow councilman. 

"The only objections the other ones had is that we have to look at it on a case by case basis. With this new provision, it allows for that.  I'm trusting we'll have enough votes to pass it and be successful," says Stallworth.

Something that would make Broussard's road to recovery a lot smoother.

"I would be real excited," says Broussard.

"As we move forward, it affords a lot of homeowners to have a place that's affordable, that's safe, and it's modular.  It's not a mobile home, so it's built much stronger," says Stallworth.

To avoid backlogs in the approval process, Stallworth would like Biloxi's Architectural Review Committee to make the recommendations for approval. Stallworth says this will speed up the approval process for the Biloxi Planning Commission and council. 

The meeting is set for Tuesday, July 22nd, at 1:30 in Biloxi City Hall.

By: Krystal Allan

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