Gautier Ministry Helps Fight Addictions After Rehab

GAUTIER (WLOX) -- Joe Bayless is no stranger to battling against addiction, but he recently found a ministry that is making that fight a little easier.

"For alot of people with drug and alcohol problems, when your life falls apart, its hard to put it back together," Bayless says. "The Trinity House offers the stability that you need to get back on your feet and the environment that you need to put the pieces back together."

Trinity house is a home where single men can live after they complete a rehab program. The men must work and pay bills, and in return, they get help rebuilding their lives. They get financial advice, education and career support and help with family issues. Trinity House has also teamed up with the Salvation Army to offer spiritual guidance and support for residents.

Salvation Army Corp. Officer Andy Collette visits the house several times each week to minister to the men.

Collette says, "From my point of view, I'm just bringing the word of God and a friend."

Collette praises the men in the house for their strength in facing addiciton.

"Before they go back out in society, they have to be ready to stand on their own; they have to be ready to deal with the things that come each day. And there are many, many things that are gonna come," Collette adds.

The ministry was founded by Todd Trenchard, a local businessman who fought his own battle with addiction.  He started the project in 2004 to help those who are dealing with the same things he dealth with.

Trenchard says, "Over the past four years, we've seen those that have come through an institution like this have alot more success than those that don't."

Trenchard believes Trinity House will not only help men overcome their addictions, but also help them become assets to the community.

"They can give back in the same ways that maybe myself and others before them have...we're all going to be a lot better off," Trenchard says.