Clean-Up Campaign Designed To 'Polish The Pearl'

PEARL RIVER COUNTY (WLOX) -- Road side litter, dilapidated homes and junk yards in neighborhoods. It all takes the shine out of a community.

"We want this not to be a good place to live, not a great place to live, but 'the' place to live," District three Supervisor Hudson Holliday said.

The Polish the Pearl campaign aims to get people in Pearl River County to pick up and clean up every kind of mess in the community.

"It's about pointing out the benefits of cleaning up and facilitating that clean up," Holliday said.

Raising awareness of litter and overgrown properties is just one step. Pinpointing problem areas is another. That's where the Polish the Pearl website will help out.

Ed Pinero is the county's Director of Planning & Development.

"It's totally anonymous. So you can go ahead and tell us where the location is, so we can go talk to someone, so we can help them," Pinero said. "A lot of times you might not want to embarrass an elderly person, so we'll go out there and make sure we tread lightly and offer some type of assistance, cause a lot of the elderly don't have assistance."

Organizers hope to coordinate volunteers like scouts and church groups to take on clean up projects. At the campaign kickoff, people offered ideas like raising fines, and using technology to combat litter bugs.

"Since everybody carries a cell phone and 90 percent of them have cameras, if there was some way we could get a campaign going that people could use that technology to report the people they see throwing this stuff out," resident Carol McIntosh suggested.

Leaders know the battle against trash and litter won't be won overnight. But they say every little bit brings them closer to a polished pearl.

The Polish The Pearl Campaign is being funded by grants from the State Department Of Environmental Quality and the Keep Mississippi Beautiful program. To learn more, visit