Harbor Work Displaces Businesses

A new 750 foot wall is going in next to the old wall in the Pass Christian harbor. A new pier that runs along the wall is a buffer between the boats and the wall.

During phase two of the construction, three small businesses will be temporarily displaced. They'll move right down from where they operate now.

"The first phase looks like it's goin' pretty good and I hope they get through down here pretty quick cause they interrupt our business when they're down here," says business owner Tim Arguelles.

But Arguelles knows the interruption will bring positive results to his business.

"Well, it'll give us a little more dock space, a little more room on the waterfront and it'll fix the wall, we do have a problem with the wall," he says.

Erosion has worn the wall away, but until now the city didn't have the $1.4 million it's taking to do the work. The mayor says two grants and tidelands money are paying for it.

"It was just a matter of time before Market Street and this is an extension of Market Street, would've been in the harbor. Once the wall gave away then the road would've been undermined and like I said you wouldn't have a road and you wouldn't have access," says Mayor Billy McDonald.

That's why the mayor says the city is lucky to get the money to save Market Street and the businesses that operate on it.

The work is expected to wrap up by the end of the year.

By: Marcia Hill