Gulfport's Medical Oncology Group May Have To Close

This group is the Medical Oncology Group in Gulfport. The three oncologists there take care of cancer patients in their office, and at Memorial Hospital, Hancock Medical, and Garden Park. They're working feverishly to find a solution, but are letting their patients know they may be closed, at least for a while.

"Our patients are learning today this is coming about, and until 9:30 this morning I didn't think this would happen," said Dr. Ed Davidson.

Dr. Davidson has been practicing oncology on the coast for 24 years, but the insurance crisis is now threatening the practice he shares with Dr. Purushottam Pande and Doctor Todd Moore.

Letters were sent out to patients Tuesday, letting them know the office may be closed for a week or longer. August 1st their current insurance ends, and they weren't able to get an interview with the medical assurance company of Mississippi until August 6th. That's when they hope to obtain new coverage.

"We're in limbo, we can't treat people, or provide any medical care because we have no malpractice insurance at that time," Davidson said.

Attorney Rob Myers was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma late last year. Now he's in remission but still comes in for tests and checkups. He says he knows the insurance crisis is a complex issue, but the bottom line is...

"Being a cancer patient, a cancer survivor, I'm like any other patient here, I want to beat cancer, and I want to have appropriate medical care," Myers said.

Doctor Davidson says Memorial Hospital is working with them to make sure the hospital is covered in the long run if they aren't able to get their own insurance coverage.

"We would be employees at the hospital, but they can't tell us very much, they're scrambling to get together information to tell us what we're facing." said Davidson.

In the meantime Dr. Davidson's office is working with patients to make sure they get the care they need, with doctors in Biloxi and Slidell, during the interim.