Tired Of The Stock Market? How About Buying Some Comic Books

In case you are tired of losing your money in the stock market, there are other options. Granted there are traditional investments like real estate and treasuries, but have you ever thought about investing in comic books?

That's right, it can be very lucrative. Richard Clark owns a comic book store in Biloxi. He says the value of some of these books is astronomical.

"Back to the old action comics," says Clark, "Superman number one, which sells for $300,000. And the original Batman detective comics are getting close to $300,000."

Granted those are extreme examples, but there are other more recent cases, where for whatever reason, some comic books have skyrocketed in value, in no time. Clark mentioned one comic book which cost $3.50 new, less than a year ago, now it's worth at least $70.

According to Clark, "I am not sure what the percentage is, that has gone up but more than I think most people's stocks have gone up in the past six to eight months."

But, before you become a comic book speculator, be forewarned, just like with the stock market, you better know what you are doing.

Clark does have some advice, check your closets and the attic, you may have a valuable comic book just sitting around. If so, take it to a dealer, you just might become a millionaire, thanks to the comic book version of Superman.

By Jeff Lawson