Settlement To Help Fix Sewage Problems In Moss Point

Sewer problems in Moss Point will soon be fixed with help from $4 million allotted from the Rohm & Haas legal settlement.

The money is part of the company's settlement for environmental violations at its now-closed Elder Street plant in Moss Point. Funds are allocated for private utilities repair in Moss Point.

Some of the funds have already been used to solve seepage problems in south Moss Point sewer lines. Officials are now determining the needs on the northern part of the city.

The amount of water seepage into sewer lines has created a higher wastewater volume in Moss Point than in surrounding areas, said Alderman John Welch. This has caused higher sewer rates for Moss Point utilities and occasional backflow into residents homes, he said.

"If the sewer backs up, it has to go somewhere,'' Welch said. "If you're level with it, it's going to go back into your place.''