Consumers Worry About Falling Markets

Weary investors are tired of down days in the stock market. Monday the market dropped again, this time more than 200 points.

At what point, does the huge fall in the market, affect consumers buying decisions? Harrison and Florence Speck of Gulfport retired eight years ago, and moved here from their native Nebraska. Now they spend their days visiting children and grandchildren, and traveling. But, like many Americans, they do not like what the faltering stock market is doing to their investments, the money they are using to enjoy their golden years.

"It is going down, there is no doubt about it," says Florence Speck, she adds "Our income will probably drop what, several thousand dollars this year."

Harrison Speck spent many years with a large national company, like many employees he invested in that company, now, it's stock has taken a nose dive. That has a direct effect, on the Speck's bottom line. His wife Florence worries.

"Our retirement is from them, our dividends are from them, so we really don't know what might happen to us."

Others we spoke to, are just glad they do not play the market. As for the Specks, they are determined not to to let the market affect their lifestyles, but Harrison Speck worries about his children's generation, those Americans who grew up saying, charge it.

"They are just taking the rug out from under them, in their lifestyle, they are going to have to change, they can't put it on a credit card."

By Jeff Lawson