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D'Iberville Church Helps Tornado Victims

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- "Giving back to those who gave to them," was the theme of a relief trip for volunteers from Big Ridge Baptist Church in D'Iberville.  They just returned from working 12 hour days in Lafayette, Tennessee, an area devastated by tornadoes earlier this year.

"We wanted to do something.  We wanted to give back some of what they had done for the people here," says Relief Coordinator Joy Wilcox.

The people of Lafayette along with others in North Central Tennessee had volunteered under the guidance of the Bledsoe Baptist Association on the coast after Katrina.  They came down ten times, helping members of the church.  When the member of Big Ridge got word help was needed in Tennessee, they didn't hesitate loading up.

"They couldn't believe that we were going to go up there and help them.  You know, they were like you guys aren't finished down there. You have so much to do. How can you possibly come up here and help us," says Wilcox.

But, the group went and raised more than 26-thousand dollars in the process.

"When one member of your family hurts, the rest of the family gathers around that individual and ministers to that individual.  Well, just because they're eight hours away, it does not mean they're not family," says Pastor Raymond Grabert. 

Even as the Tennessee volunteers struggled to piece their lives back together, they still made good on a promise they'd made to Big Ridge members earlier in the year to return to the coast. The pastor of Big Ridge says, like their Tennessee neighbors, their work is all about showing their love for others not just by what they say but also by what they do.

"Let us love with our actions, giving back to those who gave."

Church members thank Lowe's for providing them a free sheetrocking class.  They also wanted to thank the owner of Sheetrock Specialties, Jeremy Milton.   

By: Krystal Allan

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