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Free Uniforms And Haircuts Given Away In Hurley

HURLEY (WLOX) -- School uniforms and haircuts are two things you may not expect to receive at Church, but Full Life Assembly in Hurley is giving away both for free.

Marcia Hester has been coordinating the giveaway for four years, and she says Saturday's turnout was the biggest in history. Nearly three hundred people showed up to receive free school uniforms and haircuts.

Hester says, "We are touching lives, and we're being touched. And that's what it's all about."

She adds that the large turnout makes sense, considering these hard economic times.

"It's making a tremendous impact on us because of the economy. We knew this was gonna be so big," says Hester.

Crystal Raymond found uniforms for her three children, and told WLOX the giveaway lifts a financial burden. Normally, she'd pay thirty dollars for each uniform. 

Raymond says, "It takes a relief off my mind to be able to pick up a few pieces here and there."

Because of the big crowd, there were almost not enough uniforms to go around and not everyone was able to find the right sizes.  Those that weren't so lucky will have another opportunity for the start of the 2009 semester.  Another giveaway will be in January, just in time for school to start back after the holidays.

"It just blesses me to bless other people. And just giving back with your time and your talent, and letting people know that God loves them in just a practical way," Yarborough says. 

Pamela Yarborough, a stylist who normally works in Mobile, gave away twenty-five free haircuts, but helping her community is priceless.

By Sylvia Hall

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