The Stars Of "Little People Big World" Help Build

Gulfport (WLOX) -- The entire Roloff family, with the exception of father Matt, are helping with a habitat build in Gulfport.  The TLC network will feature their visit in a future episode.  Consequently, we were unable to interview the family.  But, we did get a chance to watch the family in action and talk to those who worked right along side them. And the Habitat organization is impressed with thier work.

"The fact the Roloffs are just sort of traveling across the country and they wanted to stop in Mississippi and build a house, it speaks volumes about their character," says Leah Whipmer, Habitat for Humanity.

Like all habitat builds, the volunteers came out in droves to join the Roloffs. Erin Dougherty of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has always wanted to come here, especially after Hurricane Katrina.

"There's a lot of pride here. I have met so many people from Mississippi who have been to other parts of the country, but they want to come back.  They want to be here. They're also happy that we are here," says Dougherty.

Yes, we are! And our volunteers get a sense from we Mississippians, that our corner of the world will be whole again.

"It is kind of like a rebirth. You can tell that this place took a pretty good shot.  But, there's so much that is new and coming back, and its really got that spirit," says Dougherty.

So the building goes on, all over the coast.  Despite the heat and humidity, volunteers kept up the hard work.

"I work in an office all the time typing on a keyboard.  I am on a phone.  I come out here, and I learn to install windows, siding and put on roofs.  It is amazing and fun," says Wimper.

When asked if Jeff could call Erin Daougherty a Mississippian for the day, she responded, "I'd be proud."

The Roloffs and volunteers are building four houses off 44th Avenue in Gulfport.