Residents Near Proposed Bay Village Site, Show United Front Against Project

BILOXI (WLOX) -- Developers want to build about 200 housing units, including two story town homes on property just north of Pass Road in West Biloxi. Residents who live in the neighborhoods nearby don't think it's a good idea.

"The Bay Village Proposal will significantly impact the property values in the surrounding neighborhoods," says Leo Burton, President of Edgewater Estates Homeowners' Association.

Increased traffic, parking and drainage are just a few reasons why the people who live in Edgewater Estates and Richland Park say the development is a bad fit.

Residents from the two neighborhoods held a meeting, so they can put up a unified front at Tuesday's Council meeting. The proposed project is in Councilman Tom Wall's ward.

"It is a recommended denial by the planning commission, but I believe I'm going to try one more time to satisfy everyone's complaints or make some kind of compromise with them," Wall says.

Wall says he plans to make amendments to the developer's zoning request change.

"The developer is requesting RS-5, which is 5,000 square foot lots, single family, I'm changing it to single family, RS 7.5, which is the same as what the zoning is on Goose Point, so that matches that and should satisfy it," Wall said.

Wall says he also plans to address another of the opponents' concerns, by proposing another change that would prohibit bars and other 24-hour businesses in the new development. Wall says too much of the population is moving north.

"The city needs this. We have to do something to keep the population on the peninsula," Wall said.

Councilman Wall also says under his amendment, the Bay Village townhomes would be located in the center of the property, away from the single family homes that border the development.