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July 4th Tribute

Tomorrow is Independence day or what is commonly referred to as the "Fourth of July." It's a day for family outings, grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and enjoying fireworks. A celebration of freedom and independence.

Do you think on July 4th, 1776 our founding fathers could have imagined what their fledgling country would become as they each signed the Declaration of Independence declaring independence from Great Britain. They set the stage for the world in which we live today.

We owe them a depth of gratitude for creating this wonderful country. And on this July 4th we also remember the men and women in our armed forces who have served and are serving our country and insuring that we continue to enjoy the freedoms that were outlined so many centuries ago.

Take a few minutes on this holiday to reflect, pay tribute and say thanks. One July 4th tradition of honor is to fly old Glory, a fitting expression of patriotism and thanks. Hopefully we will see thousands of flags blowing in the breeze Friday. Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July.  

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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