Contract Taken Away

Recently the Pentagon basically ripped up a 40 billion dollar Northrop Grumman contract. And in the process, it gave Northrop Grumman competitor Boeing a second chance to snatch the refueling tanker program away from the gulf coast. So, how can that be the best of all options?

Incredibly, that was the spin being used in both Mississippi and Alabama when leaders first commented about the rebidding process. Boeing jammed its foot through a cracked door and got a reprieve. It suddenly has a chance to snatch all, or at least part of a contract that Northrop Grumman's had won.

Yet, an Alabama senator, and a Jackson County leader both said this was the best of all options. To us, the best option was for the Defense Department to say Northrop Grumman had the best bid. And it got to keep the contract.

Senator Thad Cochran said it best in his news release, "I am disappointed that Northrop will have to re-compete to build the new tanker." So are we. Don't put a positive spin on a bad situation. Admit that it's bad news, and then fight as hard as you can to overcome the obstacle. We're confident that Northrop Grumman is up to the challenge, because the gulf coast region can sure use the tanker contract, and the jobs it would bring to the area.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager