Boomtown Casino Announces Expansion Plans

Boomtown Casino officials say they want to expand and buy the property next door to them. Del's Seaway Shrimp and Oyster Company will officially close in January, and Boomtown will take over the property. Casino officials say they plan to tear down the building for more parking space and expand the casino to the west. Officials say they are not sure how much the property is going to cost, but the deal is about 98 percent complete.

"There's no question, corporate has said we're going to do it period. And now we're going to figure out what it's going to cost. It's a unique way of doing business, but when you have an opportunity like this you have to take advantage of it," said general manager Neil Narter.

Casino officials say they are waiting on an approval from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers to go ahead with the project.