Tourism Up on Mississippi Gulf Coast

Tourists line the beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, especially this time of year. Tourism leaders say more and more people are vacationing here.

"Well by the traffic we have on 90, I'm going to have to say yes more people are coming and you're seeing more license plates. Which tells that we're drawing from different areas," said Harrison County tourism leader Misty Velasquez.

Many tourists say the coast has a lot to offer and feel the coast is the ideal vacation spot.

"We decided to come down because of the beach, the casinos of course," said one tourist.

Tourism leaders say entertainment is another draw to the coast. Just this weekend, the Eagles were in town and more than 20,000 fans filled the seats at the coliseum.

"Something that has really grown is the entertainment that we have to offer. Elton John tickets will go on sale this Friday. Also we have boxing and more entertainment is coming," said Velasquez.

Business at the Holiday Inn in Biloxi was extremely good this weekend. The hotel was completely booked because of the concert. Manager Judy Shaul says business continues to grow as tourism grows.

"It's been pretty steady, gradually going up each weekend, she said.

Tourists say they just can't resist the perfect weather, beaches, and entertainment here on the coast, and they plan to come back again and again.