D'Iberville's New Police Department Taking Shape

D'Iberville (WLOX) -- "To take something from the bottom and build it up...I'm very excited about it," says D'Iberville Police Department Chief Wayne Payne.

D'Iberville's new police department will have a more solid foundation to build upon, thanks to grants it has secured under the leadership of Chief Wayne Payne.  The Gulf Coast Community Foundation awarded the department it's most recent grant of $55,000, their total now sits at $400,000.

"It will aid us in outfitting our officers with handguns, shotguns, tasers and bullet proof vests," says Chief Payne.

The department has also received help from their law enforcement colleagues in Biloxi.

"They donated four unmarked vehicles to the D'Iberville police department which will be utilized by investigators," says Chief Payne.

As for the cars they do have, they've already been a hit in the community.

"The citizens are very excited about the color, and they are a very popular color.  It's the same as the D'Iberville football team's colors," says Shannon Nobles of the D'Iberville Police Department.

Besides the newly marked cars, golf carts and wave runners, there's one more item on the wish list.  The chief hopes to move his department into a building on 3rd Avenue by October first. But if that doesn't happen, he says they'll continue to operate out of the trailer they've been in since Katrina.

Though they might have to wait on a building, Chief Payne says the department will be ready to serve D'Iberville come October.

Right now, county deputies are working in the department. The chief hopes some of those deputies will choose to stay and serve with D'Iberville's new department. The goal is to have 24 officers in place by October First.

For more information, call the D'Iberville police department at (228) 396-4252 or (228)392-9297.