Seats Still Vacant On Development Commission

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- Two seats on Gulfport's new development commission remain empty. That's after Mayor Brent Warr decided not to revisit the issue at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Just two weeks ago, Gulfport council voted on three of the four appointees for the new development commission. The one that didn't make the cut is well known businessman George Schloegel.

Tuesday council was set vote on the last two appointees which may have included reconsideration for Mr. Schloegel. However, the mayor didn't let that happen.

" I hope that you will take this gesture of pulling it off of the agenda today as a sincere one," said Mayor Brent Warr.

Mayor Warr said the development commission is getting too much media attention.

"Out of respect to you and the citizens of the city it's best that we let this issue cool down just briefly and then we come back to it later," said the mayor.

All seven council members agreed to wait until Mayor Warr re-presents his appointments to fill the two vacant seats. In the meantime, he's not giving up on making Hancock Bank Businessman George Schloegel apart of the new board.

"I do intend to ask you again to reconsider Mr. Schloegel. I hope and I pray that you will take the opportunity to meet with him and discuss with him and with each other the merits of his appointments and at the appropriate time, I do plan to ask you to reconsider that," said the mayor.

Carol Lynn Meadows, E.J. Roberts and Don Mason will sit on the new board for the development commission.

There is no word on when the mayor will re-address the issue of the two vacant seats.