Hollywood Stars Come out For Vaseline's New Short Film Skin Stories

NEW ORLEANS(WLOX)--In Vaseline's new documentary, titled Skin Stories, reporters traveled around the globe to ask this simple question, what does your Skin mean to you?

The film, which explores beauty and skin, is narrated by Tony award nominee Sanna Lathan. Lathan says growing up with black skin is special to her.

"I think it's about the DNA in my skin. Actually coming from my ancestors, that is pretty exciting to me because it connects me to my community, " Actress Sanna Lathan said.

Lathan, who was greeted by hundreds of adoring fans at the film's premier, says your skin is a powerful, strong symbol.  The actress also points out the movie does a great job in relating that message to young and old people.

"I joined in because to often we are told the opposite that we are not as good, or we are not as beautiful."

Essence Magazine's Beauty Editor Mikki Taylor sees the film as a reflection piece that looks beyond the skin's surface.

"Skin is a part of who you are. You really need to know who you are to know where you are going, because that is one thing that will not change,"Essence Magazine's Beauty Editor Mikki Taylor said.

Access Hollywood Co- host Shaun Robinson agrees.  Robinson was also at the premiere, and she says the film encourages her to be a proud woman.

"You see people of all different shades, talking about they feel beautiful, and they might didn't always feel like that when they were a young person,"Access Hollywood Co- host Shaun Robinson said.

The stars are hoping this short film will unite all races and help them love the skin they are in.

"Don't try to be like anybody else, and know you are a beautiful child of God, and however God made, you are perfect," Robinson said.

Log on to skinvoice.com to watch Vaseline's Skin Stories Documentary.

By Patrice Clark