Why Charter?

Why Charter?

Perhaps you fish off one of our piers.  And you catch fish.  But those lucky guys in the skiffs just outside of casting distance sure seem to be catching more.  And they have the freedom to wander and search for better spots.  Of course you just go fishing.  They have the “freedom” to get ready to go fishing.  They carry a lot more than a pole and a one handed ice chest to sit on.  Forget the sudden absolute need for a great variety of fishing tackle that comes along with the boat. There’s the trailer, the motor, fuel tank, fuel for the tank, batteries, battery chargers, rain gear, life vests, lights, horns or whistles, registration (on the boat and on the trailer), insurance, and the most wonderful part, Maintenance And Repair.  It’s not the money, it’s the time… it’s the money too.  Of course after all the getting’ ready there is the fishing, and the breakdowns, and the storms you don’t suspect until it’s too late to get back to the dock (see rain gear above).  But when the fishing is done you have to get everything ready to get ready to go fishing the next time (see maintenance and repair above). 

Perhaps you have a skiff.  You started long ago fishing off the piers.  Sometimes you look back on those simpler days on the pier but your vision is clouded by the 23 footer you’re gonna get so you can go offshore around Cat, Ship and Horn, Chandelier, maybe the rigs.  See everything listed above.  Multiply the getting ready and the getting everything ready to get ready by 100.  Add bottom recorders, GPS, VHF, more essential tackle, and much more maintenance and repair.  And set aside some cash for a bottle of Jack and possibly a priest or doctor when you get to experience that “perfect storm” ten miles southeast of Chandelier.

Of course, the solution to that storm is a bigger boat…. And a boat slip and haulouts….

It never really ends.  You’ll never have the boat you want, just the boat you think you wanted.  And because of all the time and money consumed in the getting ready, how many times a year do you go fishing?  Twenty?  Forty? If you really add it up it’s most likely closer to ten.  How many times did you fish off the piers in a year?

Give it some thought.  You can charter a 26 footer for anywhere from $300 to $600 depending on how long you want to go for (half or full days) with usually up to 4 persons in your party.

For a few hundred more you can go on one of the many 30 to 46 foot sportfishers with up to six persons.  There are charter boats that carry up to 20 or more persons as well.  Check us out.

When you go down to the harbors in Gulfport or Biloxi ask a few questions.

What has been biting?  Not , “do you guarantee fish?” (all that means is you are guaranteed 1 fish)

What style of fishing will we do?  Trolling? Bottom fishing? Live bait?

Where will we go?

How long have you been in business?

Since you are local… When is the best time of year to plan a trip?

Consider a charter trip.  Even if you already have a boat.  You’ll learn locations and techniques that will pay dividends the next time you’re “getting ready to go fishing”.

I’ve included some information I send out to visiting charter parties.  Its mostly common sense stuff, but may help make your charter trip a great experience that you will want to repeat!

What you need to bring along...

All the bait, tackle, and ice will be furnished by us.  You’ll need food and drinks for your party.  You can bring your own ice chest, or use the ones on board.  Don't forget soft-soled shoes, sunglasses, sun-screen and a cap, and cameras!  Leave a good sized ice chest in your car to take home all the fish you catch.  Most species are delicious table fare, be sure to ask for recipes!

The night before...

A little common sense helps here.  Don't party too late.  I suggest Ginger an hour before the trip if you are prone to motion sickness.  Eat a light breakfast.  Don't worry, sea-sickness is not that common.


Our captains and deckhands are there to help you.  They are experienced and entertaining.  When you get back to the dock, they will clean your catch.  They work hard and their income is dependent on tips and fish cleaning fees.  Please treat them fairly at the end of the day.  A 15% to 20% tip is the average.


All the boats and captains adhere to US Coast Guard regulations.  You will be given a safety briefing when you come aboard.  If you have any questions, please ask the captain.  Beer is ok, in moderation.

The fish...

There are limits on most of the species we catch.  This helps to maintain a healthy fishery for the future.  Once we catch your limit of one species, we'll catch other varieties.  We are also happy to practice catch and release if all you want to take home is pictures.  Help us respect our resource.

Capt. Lenny Desroche

Fishy Business Charters

228 539-2307