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Casino Donates Thousands In Furniture To Local Organization

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- It's a donation with a price tag worth thousands. Monday afternoon, the IP Casino began what will become days of donations to the local salvation army.

"In talking with them, we thought these things would work out well over there and we worked out a deal with them," says Lee Bond, the vice president of planning and development at the IP.

Bond says for the next two days workers will be sifting through the warehouse space to give a gift to the Salvation Army that will help in more ways than one.

"They've been a great community partner. They are a great organization," said Bond.

The IP donated everything from bathtubs to bathroom tile. From tvs to chandaliers and leaders say, it's only the beginning.

"It was natural for us to partner with them and work out a situation where we could benefit the people they serve," said Bond. 

"Things like this are extremely important because we're starting two brand new very expensive operations with not enough to operate them. So we depend on the community," says Majr Will Cundiff with The Salvation Army.

Once construction is complete, Major Will Cundiff says many of the gifts will end up in the Salvation Army's new Crock Center, or the new Hope Center in Gulfport.

However, some of the items may be sold at an charity auction to help fund the centers. Others may end up in it's Gautier family store. But for now, Salvation Army leaders are thankful these contributions will move them one step closer to helping another South Mississippi family.  

Proceeds from donations to The Salvation Army will benefit the New Kroc Center in Biloxi and the new Hope Center and shelter in Gulfport.

Construction on both buildings is set to begin this fall.


by Elise Roberts

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