Men And Women In Uniform Receive Many Thanks

Gospel music, food and a recognition church service is how Central Bible Church said thank you to the people who put their lives on the line everyday.

"I said in my sermon this morning, the three groups that are probably the least appreciated and the most under paid are law enforcement, military and government workers. And we thought this was a neat way to let them know how much we appreciate them," said Pastor Mike Ramsey with Central Bible Church. "And I thought it was high time for us to do after all they've done for us."

Church members know the police, firefighters and military personnel have dangerous jobs; jobs that are too often thankless.

"Just to thank them for the job they do for us to respond, to rush in when others are rushing out, to take up arms to defend our freedoms and even here locally to ensure that we're protected to enjoy the liberties that we do enjoy because of their service," Ramsey said.

Asst. Pastor Central Bible Church Wade Ladner said, "Jesus has given us independence through the death on the cross, and really these individuals, our soldiers and our law enforcement people help protect the laws each and everyday...the laws and statues that God has laid down for America."

Ronald Borja is a 14-year veteran of the sheriff's department who is thankful for the appreciation.

"It makes you feel good inside. Time and time again you do the things, you do and no one says nothing to you. And it's times like this when it brings it all together and makes you feel good. It makes it worth while," said Borja.

Hancock County Constable District One Rolland Flowers said, "It feels good because like I say you don't hear thank you to often in our line of work, police work, so it feels really good. It always feels good to hear thank you every now and then."

In addition to the cook-out, honorees were given appreciation ribbons and certificates.