Family Who Lost Everything Needs Help

A few months ago, Inez Mohler took in her daughter and four small grandchildren because the family was going through hard times. Then, earlier this month, a fire destroyed her home. Now she's having to explain to her grandchildren that nearly everything they had is gone.

"They said that the fire had been put out and they were ready to go home. That everything was okay," said Mohler. "When they saw the house, they were just devastated."

Mohler's daughter Leah Ladner says she is saddened every time she walks around what's left of the house her grandfather built with his own hands. She says this the place where her large extended family gathered for holidays and other get togethers.

"You can't imagine anything like this ever happening to you," said Ladner. "You think that something like this happens to other families, and when it does, it's just very devastating."

The family canceled their insurance a few years ago because they couldn't afford it. They say they never thought it would end up making them so dependent on the kindness of family and friends.

The four small children include two boys and two girls ages nine to two. The family says they could use clothing and school supplies.

If you would like to donate any items call 539-5442. There is also a benefit account set up for the family at Hancock Bank. The family says they would appreciate any help they can get.