New Center Helps Crack Down On Cyber Crime

Law enforcers say cyberspace can be a dangerous place for anyone, especially children. From child pornography to identity theft, the computer is a major tool for crime. That's why Attorney General Mike Moore wants to crack down on cyber-crime.

Thanks to a $563,000 donation from the National Center of Justice and Rule of Law, Moore's office is expanding the cyber-crime center at the University of Mississippi. The money will buy sophisticated investigation equipment and hire the people needed to bust offenders.

There will also be two public awareness campaigns: one will teach parents how to protect their children online, and the other will address identity theft.

"We are helping the state of Mississippi not only become a safer place, but we are putting this state in the forefront to combat computer related crime by serving as a model for others to emulate," said Thomas Clancy with the National Center for Justice.

Over the last year, the cyber-center at Ole Miss has helped start 41 cases and prosecute at least eight people, many of which were sex-related crimes in which a computer was used.