Bay-Waveland Yacht Club Celebrates Re-Opening

BAY ST. LOUIS (WLOX) -- It took a little time to cut the ribbon, but the Bay-Waveland Yacht Club members know how to push through things. In fact, that's what they had to do when Katrina demolished their waterfront club and they were faced with the deciding whether they should rebuild on the water.

"We had the concerns about the financing, and can we face it? Can we handle insurance? We wrote the check for the insurance bill this morning, and yep, we can handle it. It is coming down, by the way. What we budgeted for insurance was a lot more," said Commodore Judy Reeves.

Ray Stieffel was at the ribbon cutting for the old Yacht Club in 1949. His parents were also members. Although the building and some other things have changed, Stieffel says other things remain the same over the years.

"It's great companionship here. If you have a family, it's perfect for the family," Stieffel said.

Bill Whitfield has also been a member for decades. He joined in 1958.

"When I first joined, there wasn't really much to it. We didn't have it paved here, no boat launch, and most of the ladies did the cooking. We didn't even have a kitchen to speak of," Whitfield said.

Club members say the new Yacht Club building is bigger, better and stronger than before, but it still has a great view.

"We're ready. We're ready. It's perfect. It's beautiful, we're back on our spot. Wait until you see the sunset from here," Reeves said.