Doctor Opens Health-Conscious Restaurant

Eat out, but cut calories. That's the concept behind Dr Stanford Owen's new Health Station and Brewhouse.

"The fast food market has done a great job of bringing us low cost convenient food, and we want to compete in that market with low cost great tasting calorie healthy balanced nutrition," Dr. Owen said.

At Doctor Diet's Health Station you can find everything from pasta dishes, soups, and other lunch specials, to creamy nutritious health shakes.

Dr. Owen says most people don't realize what they're eating each day. He has displays that show even a salad plate can be loaded with calories.

"Most people don't know the calorie content of the food, and that's one thing we try to teach them and also portion control."

Rosie Miner has lost more than 100 pounds on Doctor Owen's program. She hopes the restaurant will lead more people to better health.

"I feel so much better, and I haven't felt this good for years, and I know they'll feel better too."

And to help people do that, low fat nutritious food isn't the only thing on the menu. The health station offers a wide variety of medical tests, including cholesterol and high blood pressure screenings. And there's helpful information everywhere you look, including Internet access, to get you on the right track to better health.

"I'm looking at giving them an option. If nothing else, they can use our nice atmosphere and come chill out and have a good time."

And a free cup of coffee is always on the menu.

"We're taking a big chance, and if we can't make this come across in a palatable enjoyable manner, I don't think anybody can, so we're looking forward to it."

The Health Station is on the first floor of the Hancock Bank Building in downtown Gulfport and it's open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5.