Kudos To KaBOOM

Today we want to give kudos to an organization that has made a difference to the children of the Gulf Coast. Recently KaBOOM, a nonprofit group, just completed its 100th playground along our country's Gulf Coast. More than thirty of these playgrounds have been built on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Each playground is unique and has different features because children from each community helped design their playgrounds. In addition, thousands of South Mississippi volunteers have helped KaBOOM build the playgrounds during one day building blitzes.

KaBOOM could say we have built 100 playgrounds and now it is up to someone else to take care of other areas on the coast. But, no, the group has committed to build several more playgrounds in our area.

Before Hurricane Katrina most of us had never heard of KaBOOM, but now most of know it's an organization that is bringing laughter and smiles back to the faces of our children.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager