Embezzled Money Returned From Secret Bank Account

Almost $60,000 was returned Monday to the residents of Jackson County, three years after the conviction of former chancery Clerk Lynn Presley.

The money was discovered by the FBI and the state auditor's office in a hidden bank account in the Cayman Islands that was connected to Presley. Investigators have known about the money for more than year, but international laws slowed down the return process.

This money is part of $1.6 million Presley was convicted of embezzling from Jackson County in 1999 through a kick back scheme.

"Money trails are always difficult because they go through so many different processes, but we have been fortunate enough on this one so far but we will continue," FBI Agent Edwin Worthington said. "We haven't closed the door on finding additional funds. If we do find additional funds, we will certainly return it here to Jackson County where the people deserve it."

In total, around $500,000 has been returned to Jackson County since Presley's conviction.

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