Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Prepares To Open

BILOXI (WLOX)-- Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Board Member Aaron McGill wears many hats. One is as a logistic coordinator. His challenge this year is turning Biloxi's Point Cadet into a new home for the 4th of July holiday tradition.

"It's what I have to deal with, and we've got to make everybody happy and accommodate everybody and it's an ongoing changing all the time," said McGill.

McGill said it's also great to be back on the waterfront.

"When you say Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo they just bend over backwards to help us so far and that's such a pleasant change. You know everybody's spirit is up and we're so ready to go it isn't even funny," said McGill.

He said that's a stark difference in attitude from Gulfport city leaders. He said they grew less accommodating to the rodeo even before Katrina leveled their old home at Rice Pavilion.

"It's a daylight and dark difference and this layout this year is just wonderful."

McGill said there is plenty of room for parking, carnival rides, vendors, and of course the competitive fishermen at Point Cadet.

"We don't have a dock but we're making it easy access in, easy access out. It's all about the fishermen this year on getting them in and getting them out," McGill said.

He says no matter whether Biloxi becomes their permanent home, or not,  only a major attitude adjustment will bring them back to Gulfport.

"I don't see it happening. To have a city working with you, as nice as Biloxi's been and the officials, we feel like we're appreciated now, " said McGill.