Protest Numbers Grow Larger at Eight Flags

"You take these flags and you go back from where you came from," flag display opponent Boyd James shouted at a flag supporter.

"This is an example, exactly an example of your intolerance towards other people," Vincent Breeding shouted back.

The shouting erupted just as the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) tried to start its press conference Saturday morning.

"Y'all back up over there," Gulfport Police Chief Wayne Payne told the flag supporters. "C'mon back up. Back up."

Police quickly stepped in, and separated the groups with little trouble so the press conference could begin.

Speakers told the group of confederate flag waivers that they applaud the Board of Supervisors decision to put the flags back up.

"This is a symbol of Mississippi's heritage and I'm so proud to be standing in a county where we have elected officials who actually stood up and took a vote of conscience, which we don't normally get that in America today," Breeding said.

"And my message to the people of Gulfport and Mississippi is accept our love for our flag, let go our your hate for your flag and let's all get along," Jim Giles said.

In the afternoon, the NAACP gathered to announce that it condemns the actions of the Supervisors for putting the confederate battle flag back up.

"Some members of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors seems united to push the agenda of the Ku Klux Klan, hate, racism and division," Mississippi NAACP President Eugene Bryant told supporters.

Bryant told supporters it's time to move to the next level by meeting with business owners. He says the NAACP is not calling for a boycott yet, but that it's being considered. But some in the group say the time is now.

"We outta move toward a chain to block the traffic to send a message to the state of Mississippi, we want this flag gone and we don't want this flag gone next year, we want it gone now," Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes said as the crowd cheered.